We design and build speech applications that provide better customer experiences while meeting your ROI and cost of ownership goals. 

  • Conversational and Natural Language Design
  • Complete IVR and Chat Boat Solutions
  • Hosted or Integrated with your existing legacy IVR
  • VUI Design Services

Tuning, Training and VUI Design Reviews

Analytics and Reporting on the Customer Journey

Real-Time Anomaly Alerts

More Uptime and Gain New Insights

Conversational Intelligence Design

Our PhD-level architects and VUI designers are the keys to success. Our team incorporates both your vision of ideal customer interactions and actual customer requests into the design of NLU Conversational and AI-based speech/chatbot self-service applications.

Using our real-time reporting and analytics, the VUI can document your business’ specific needs. Our design team also tags and records your customers’ requests to transfer vital data to our developers. With this detailed documentation, they are directly able to code and test all new and modified applications, saving you valuable time and money.

Speech Tuning

Our parent company, Speech-soft Solutions LLC, offer industry leading speech tuning services.