AI Chat Bot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a buzzword. It is already on the minds of most CIO’s and customers. In digital-centric markets, customers have already started engaging with AI based self-service channels. According to leading market analysts, by 2017, two-thirds of all customer service interactions will not require any human involvement.

AI & Chat Bot-powered self-service

With the drive towards digital business and the need to stay connected with customers, enterprises have started adopting AI-based CX technologies. Konectiv’s EntrAI solution is a voice and chat agent that can simulate a live agent, right from initiating customer conversations to delivering information and taking actions on their behalf. It can also detect a customer’s emotions, perform transactions, and augment context and personalisation while elevating the overall customer experience. Once the customer asks a question not in the Knowledge Base EntrAI transfer the complete Chat to the Customer Services Agent.

The Konectiv’s EntrAI solution is based on Natural Language Processing (NLP). It automates proactive text and voice-based customer interactions through digital self-service channels like agent support, chat, consumer messaging apps or SMS.

Konectiv. EntrAI is currently integrated with Cisco and Avaya and whilst Chat engine agnostic has implementations with both Upstream, Oracle, Spark and eGain.