IVR Dashboard & Reporting

Contact centres have been slow in the adoption of advanced analytics and reporting. Most suffer from the lack of appropriate resources required to perform in-depth reporting. At best, reporting tools currently give you out of date and specific information, describing just the current state with no actionable insights. Enterprises need to introduce potent, domain specific analytics tools to drive better customer services and customer experience.

Making Reporting work for you

Despite the availability of a number of analytics and BI tools in the market, a majority of contact centers still depend on excel sheets for tracking KPIs and drawing insights.  Unfortunately, most enterprise analytics solutions are not viable for contact centres for many reasons. Simply put, they are expensive, resource intensive and are not built keeping in mind the needs of contact centres.

Konectiv. has become a partner of choice for contact centres that aspire to transform themselves into agile, digital and data-driven customer engagement hubs. With Konectiv. contact centre analytics and reporting, our customers remain ahead of the curve.

Visual Dashboard Features

  • Customisable view by real time or historical range
  • Drilldown graphics by task or dialog.
  • authentication, intent & self-service completion.
  • Normalcy bands to compare current to average indicators.
  • Data visualisation to quickly show issues & error conditions.
  • Notifications for thresholds exceeded or out of band situations.
  • Secure profile views and multi-tenancy support.
  • Backend Transaction Monitor.

Summary IVR KPIs for