Streamlining operations and extracting maximum value from technology, while balancing costs and mitigating risks, isn’t easy. That’s why enterprises need technology specialists who have the adeptness to deliver contact centre solutions that range from simple integrations to optimising complex self-service applications. Konectiv combines its unparalleled understanding of the contact centre operations and CX technologies with the power of On Prem, Cloud, DevOps, and Analytics to guarantee efficient use of technology.

Putting Technology to Best Business Use

sdWith the virtue of us all being in this industry for over two decades, Konectiv. meticulously selected strategic alliances that include the world leading technology brands along with a host of niche technology solutions and infrastructure providers. By staying on top of its clients’ technology priorities, Konectiv. ensures they deliver a consistent and rewarding experience to their Partners and Partners customers.

Acting as an extended arm of the Partners and customer’s IT teams, Konectiv. manages the entire lifecycle; right from capacity analysis, workforce management, development, testing and engineering to day-2 support. With an experience of over 9,100-man years in the Contact Centre space, Konectiv’s skilled technology pool comes with an unmatched industry experience, certifications, and technical know-how.

Why Konectiv. Discovery and Business Consulting?

Customer Experience Specialists

Konectiv’s integrated approach to defining contact management strategies help enterprises redefine and maximise all four primary enablers of contact – people, process, technology and things.

A Robust Framework

Konectiv. offers an IP-based CX consulting platform –

Design – that has built-in frameworks. Design offers methodologies and tools that enable enterprises to quickly and securely redesign the way they interact with customers and customer services agents.

Access to Knowledgebase

Having managed over 1 billion customer interactions annually, Konectiv and Speech-Soft offers a wide-ranging knowledgebase of channel benchmarks, industry databases, and technology platforms to improve critical contact center metrics.

Powerful Integration

Konectiv. defines contact management strategies that look to redefine and maximise all three primary enablers of contact – people, process, and technology. Always taking a business first approach, Konectiv. offers CX technology designs, implementation schedules and roadmap for the foreseeable future.

Assess, Analyse, Advice and Assist

Konectiv. discovery business consulting follows a structured methodology consisting of a series of analytical techniques to arrive at the current position of the contact centre against its maturity lifecycle and to identify opportunities for improvements.

Gain Return on Relationship

Konectiv. enables enterprises to gain value from their CX investments by maximising resource utilisation. Konectiv. enables high ROI from technology components by extending asset life and enhance its value, augmenting existing service capabilities and adopting newer technology that matches business goals