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Who We Are

Konectiv.Solutions is a value-added Professional Services organisation part of the Speech-Soft Solutions LLC Group. Konectiv.Solutions Discover, Design, Implement and Optimise solutions to deliver the perfect Customer Experience.  Our teams create and deliver unique solutions and provide exceptional financial and technical support to accelerate the business of our partners. Strong relationships at every level of the Speech-Soft organisation enable our partners to receive support tailored to their needs. From global logistics and flexible customised financing solutions to pre-sales, technical and engineering assistance, we work with our partners to respond with agility and speed to changing market conditions, so they can achieve the fastest and most efficient Time to Market.

What We Do

The Konectiv.Solutions Customer Experience practice delivers comprehensive Contact Centre solutions be it Cisco or Avaya. By partnering with Konectiv.Solutions, Partners will have access to our portfolio of in House developed products as well as in-depth commercial and technical support from the Konectiv team throughout the sales cycle. We are here to help you anticipate and maximise opportunities in the Customer Experience market as they arise, understand your goals and help you increase sales, reduce costs, and accelerate your return on investment.

How We Help

The Power of Partnership Which Deliver Results Together

 Around the globe, Speech-Soft & Konectiv. Solutions enable our partners to harness the evolution of technology. By collaborating in a unique engagement model, we’re revolutionising the way you do business by delivering results together.